Bettie Lou Millinery

salzburg, austria


A classic cloche made from a checkered vintage felt cone draped with a light pink petersham. Size 57
Colour: Grey
Material: Felt
Occasion: Everyday
Season: Autumn/Winter
Size: 57cm / 22 1/2" / UK 7 / US 7 1/8
Style: Vintage Hats
Target market: Women
Weight (g): Ca.
  • Bettie Lou Millinery is the brand of young Austrian milliner Nadia Grubelnik and was established in Spring of 2018.

    The label stands for handmade uniques & neat workmanship.

    If it isn't fun, it isn't millinery

    Hi I am Nadia and this is my label "Bettie Lou"!

    Ever since I was a little child, I was fascinated by fashion - especially clothes from the past. Dressing up was one of my favourite things to do and as far as I can remember, I have always been experimenting with different styles.
    As I got older, I found myself as a fan of the gothic style which I stuck to for quite a while.
    It was also the first time I got into millinery when I made a small top hat for one of my outfits. My technique back then was of course rather dilettante but I found joy in fashioning small pieces.

    After graduation however I worked several years at an office until one day I came to notice that there was a millinery academy in Graz which I eventually joined.  My training took two years until I graduated “with excellent success”

    In spring of 2018 I went to the UK to deepen my skills. I spent a couple of days in London at Bridget Bailey’s studio and a whole month at the studio of Jenny Roberts where I learnt British hat techniques and all about detail.

    Since I have been a fan of vintage clothes for several years by now, it is no wonder that many of my pieces reflect this passion.

    This is why I chose "Bettie Lou" (an old- fashioned name but with a certain cuteness to it) for my label.
    The "Bettie" ending with "ie" and not with the rather common "y" is a homage to one of my idols; Bettie Page.

    The brand was established in spring of 2018 and stands for

    - handmade uniques
    - neat workmanship
    - usage of high quality material
    - extraordinary designs

    An important part of the business philosophy is "make new from old"

    There is currently no physical store available.

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