Stavroula Spyrou

Stavroula Spyrou

Unique Hand-embroidered Headpieces, Hats & Accessories

The milliner Stavroula Spyrou started to create her innovative creations in 2017 with a subversive hat-making idea, and while she is located between Greece and England yet.
The art of embroidery becomes an integral part of craftsmanship and elegance in her works. Elements from the Greek folk tradition associated in a delicate way with the high fashion aesthetic.
Small objets d'art that give playful femininity and eclecticism.
Athens, the walks in northern Europe and her settlement initially in the city Gillingham of England and later in London, have already influenced the creative style of milliner Stavroula Spyrou.
Her hats are eccentric, theatrical, yet intensely harmonically, gaining fans from around the world and traveling from Europe to Australia and America.
Her first hat collections with the Doric coloring of folk tradition and minimalist narrative elements come to meet the upcoming collections that depicting the immense romanticism and lyricism of gardens and erotic postcards.
The continuity of her creations to this day nudges on the cosmopolitan and dynamic aesthetic.
Stavroula Spyrou travels, studies art and culture, influenced by theatrical scenes, architecture, and poetry, she creates and designs.
She herself wants those who wear her creations to have in their collection a unique work of art that was crafted with the finest technique and elegance.

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