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baseball cap Pleats U denim

Baseball cap pleats U denim is is the little sister of the series PLEATS wool and is based on the form of the baseball cap, with a twist.The series PLEATS wool is a growing series, meaning that every now and than a couple of new models will be launched, but already existing models will stay available.The denim used for this in-between/ summer version is deadstock, that came from the manufacturing from my friends father. When their company focused on other materials, this was left over. It is less than 50 meters, meaning that when it's finished, the jeans version of the Pleats denim serie wil no longer be available until I find something equally good.The baseball cap pleats U denim is generally not lined( though it could be, if you prefer, lined with 100% cotton) only sergered and worked of with a cotton petersham ribbon. The pleats are stitched in place with black thread before I assimilate the model. The visor is a stiff visor and approximately 7cm long. With his architectonic pleats he stands out, but subtle, as he kept the typical baseball cap form. The material is an easy to wear soft unbleached denim, which makes the baseball cap pleats U denim a perfect companion for the in-between season moments as well as for mild summers.The baseball cap pleats U denim comes in unbleached 100% soft dark blue denim and can be hand washed in luke warm water, after which you mold it back to shape and let it dry.
Colour: Blue
Material: Denim
Occasion: Everyday
Size: 56cm / 22\" / UK 6 7/8 / US 7
Style: Caps
Target market: Unisex
Weight (g): 0.076
  • Be welcome to visit me at my studio on the artists breeding ground 'De Heining' on the outskirts of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    In my studio there is a little display area where you can try the latest designs as well as the prototypes of the different seasonal collections, which I only make when ordered.

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