wendy scully millinery

Crown in micro-sequin fabric in mauves, silver with large white flower

An elegant crown style hat. Classic in design yet modern in appearance. Created in a micro sequinned fabric, with touches of pinks silvers mauves and other subtle colours. Hand beading in blue beads and a large white pure silk bow to finish the look. Available now. Perfect for Ascot or that special Spring bridal event for the Mother of the Bride or Groom. Quills is subtle pinks add that touch of fun. Every piece Wendy Scully Millinery creates is a one only. You will be wearing a unique hat. This hat shape is not the standard crown, its a custom made hat block shape from Guy Morse Brown, UK. It has a fine headband to hold it in place and small combs.
Colour: Multi Coloured
Material: Vintage Trimming
Occasion: Special Occasion
Season: All seasons
Size: Medium
Style: Fascinators
Target market: Women
Weight (g): 600

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