byron bay, australia


£490.70 £731
One of a kind made millinery, made in the Byron Bay hinterland hills NSW Australia. - LAVA TULIP - Designer made high end couture art - 100% quality handcrafted piece * ART ON HEAD * Sculptural & Artistic in design, striking & unique ! - Looks brilliant in the sunshine - - - - [ My artistic depiction: "....out from the molten volcano lava is born a beautiful tulip....from steaming vents to spurting hot sprays, the journey of it's creation is now complete. A new life is born....] - - - handmade and hand sculptured moulded melted plastic flower detail to create this unique flower. Making Art takes time and patience...challenges and engineering...and this millinery piece certainly ticked all those boxes. Artistic sculpturing. Individually hand made-beaded floral stamens in the center, feather artistic spray with a black sinamay hostess style hat-base. Underside has attached metal comb and elastic to secure well. 100% handmade unique headpiece. * Not another like it ! * Made in Australia. Spring Racing Racing Carnival / Runway / Photo Shoot...art on top to admire and be admired. No returns
Colour: Red
Material: Plastic
Occasion: Special Occasion
Season: All seasons
Size: One Size
Style: Fascinators
Target market: Women
Weight (g): 600 g
  • Contemporary millinery style, independent self taught milliner, new & fresh designs & a lover of experimenting with any kind of material to create beautiful ART

    Involvement with Designer fashion collaborations/events runway /New York Fashion Week collaboration & professional photo-shoots, to bespoke head-wear project collabs' for the Melbourne Cup and special occasions. Posts world wide 

    A creative soul at heart, Millinery artist & Jeweller. Experimenting with different materials and layers is what I love best. Textures, patterns, colours, fabrics. They are the stamping of my crafty inspirations. Tinkering can happen before going to work (I work full time in a secondary high school), after work...to late into the night. Creative fun time - anytime really ! I enjoy the process of making. I do prefer to just enjoy seeing what I can create in the initial starting of a piece, as opposed to drawing a pre-sketch...I love what evolves after time and love is put into a project. My moto is 'Dont Think- Just Do'. When I'm on a roll with ideas, I run with it...time stops. All my bespoke treasures are made in my studio (& creeping into house !) on our rural property, Byron Bay NSW Australia. A haven of paradise to tinker & to be inspired by nature x

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