edmonton, canada

Flat Cap Canvas Khaki Bees Waxed Retro Lined The Oliver019

Flat Cap, men & women fashion accessory. Medium Weight, 100% cotton canvas. Enjoy the Oliver Flat Cap id#Oliver019. Retro, khaki & casual looking hat with hand waxed using natural beeswax where snow and rain will simply wipe off. The wax has a soft feel and shows a deep color of the khaki canvas. Wearing this style of flat cap looks great when it is worn to exact size or when worn larger as it will below out to the sides giving a more relaxed and stylish look. The best fit is when worn for the desired look and confidence. Matching the retro for this hat is the red, black and white bandanna satin lining with a trimming of black cotton/rayon Petersham band inside. Mild weather, medium weight flat cap will dress up any outfit. Size 60cm
Colour: Brown
Material: Cotton
Occasion: Everyday
Season: All seasons
Size: 60cm / 23 5/8" / UK 7 3/8 / US 7 1/2
Style: Baker Boy Hats
Target market: Unisex
Weight (g): 1.
  • I have been a sewer all my life and my artist side has been tucked away for too many years. A few winters ago, I decided to make hats!

    From beaver fur hats for the finer connoisseur, a flat cap made from beautiful wool for the discerning walker and of course the fashionable bakers cap made of fine cashmere, gold jacquard, suede and seductive face netting. My latest obsession is used, vintage grain sack prints to add caps, making for the talk of the town chapeau. All my hats are lined with fun, sexy or retro linings that only you decide to them show off.

    YEG is my city's airport call sign and most vendors use the YEG call sign to connect to one another. We are near the Rocky Mountains where wearing a hat is a must! Edmonton, Alberta CANADA

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