edmonton, canada

WEST END4 Bucket Hat Navy and Black Houndstooth Feathers Vintage Button

The 2020-2021 Must Have Fashion Accessory...and in Navy & Black Houndstooth pattern!! This lovely and fun hat is so great to wear and be seen in. It is an all occasion hat with a surprise back. The back connects up with the wispy edge black ribbon to a spray of ostrich feathers and a large vintage black black button. The fabric is a mixed poly, light weight and vibrant colors.As a added bonus the lining is internet symbol and computer 0's and 1's for the techie in all of us.It is a one size, measure 60cm best fitting loose with angled lower in the back. The front brim can be bent upwards or down to act as a nice sunny day visor and a sunscreen.
Colour: Blue
Material: Polyester
Occasion: Everyday
Season: All seasons
Size: 60cm / 23 5/8" / UK 7 3/8 / US 7 1/2
Style: Bucket Hats
Target market: Women
Weight (g): .5
  • I have been a sewer all my life and my artist side has been tucked away for too many years. A few winters ago, I decided to make hats!

    From beaver fur hats for the finer connoisseur, a flat cap made from beautiful wool for the discerning walker and of course the fashionable bakers cap made of fine cashmere, gold jacquard, suede and seductive face netting. My latest obsession is used, vintage grain sack prints to add caps, making for the talk of the town chapeau. All my hats are lined with fun, sexy or retro linings that only you decide to them show off.

    YEG is my city's airport call sign and most vendors use the YEG call sign to connect to one another. We are near the Rocky Mountains where wearing a hat is a must! Edmonton, Alberta CANADA

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