Why Do We Wear Hats?!

Hats! They are a way of expressing one’s mood and personality just like any other exclusive fashion accessory does. Simply put, a hat is a head covering which is worn for various reasons, protection against weather conditions, cocktail parties, ceremonial occasions such as university graduation, weddings, religious purposes, safety, or just as a chic fashion accessory.

But for some of us, we don’t really need a reason to wear hats, do we? Or let’s just say we only need an excuse to wear hats and any excuse would do!  

Black and Natural Cocktail Hat

Marvellous Millinery


Orange and Tangerine Cocktail Hat

Marvellous Millinery


Burgundy and Pink Headband

Marvellous Millinery


If you want to follow the latest trends and enter the fabulous world of millinery, why not join our Circle, where a plethora of designers from all over the world and hundreds of hat styles await to complete your look!    

Discover a new world filled with creativity and get an eye full of the métiers d’art, the craftsmanship that is involved in making the hats, the meticulous details, and the hand sewn artistry by the talented milliners - the more you dive into it, the more you get fascinated and succumbed to art of Millinery.

Pop by Miss Haidee Millinery from Tasmania, Australia 

Empress by Rose and Plume

London Hat Week Exhibition Shop


Autonomy by Noeline Millinery

London Hat Week Exhibition Shop


Oxigen by Monica Feher Millinery

London Hat Week Exhibition Shop


You can use hats for almost every occasion. We have a wide range of shapes, colours and styles with different structural, floral and architectural themed hats in our shop available to buy or hire.       

Next time when you are struggling to look for a special piece to add to your collection, you know where to visit us. The Hat Circle team would love to help you pick that perfect hat that suits your beautiful face.

Twiggy by Miss Haidee Millinery from Tasmania, Australia

The Russian by Wendy Scully Millinery

London Hat Week Exhibition Shop


Lavish Plumage

Miss Ginny Millinery


The swirl by HatBoxCo

London Hat Week Exhibition Shop



The Hat Circle Team