Hat Sizing Guide

Now that you have found the perfect hat for you, we would want to make sure that its well fitted to your head shape and size. THC hat guide will help you find the right size.

What you need: 

All you need is a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your head. Place the measuring tape around your head about 1/8" above your ear, across the mid-forehead, completely circling your head. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly. If your measurement falls between sizes, preferably choose the next largest size. Please bear in mind that your comfort means the most when finding the right hat size, and the hat size can depend on the material and style of the hat.

If you don't have a tape measure, you can use these items:

˃ A string or thread or a ribbon 

˃ A pen 

˃ A ruler 

˃ THC hat sizing guide chart

Step 1: Measure your head using the string 

Take the string/thread/ribbon and wrap it around from the back of your head to the front and hold it right in the middle of your forehead slightly above your eyebrows. Make sure the slight is also above your ears in the back. Now using a pen, mark where both sides of the string meets. Please make sure you don’t pull the string too tight or hold it too loose. The string should fit comfortably around your head just exactly how you want your hat to elegantly rest on your head. 

Step 2: Measure the string with the ruler 

Now lay the string flat on top of a flat or any flat surface and place the ruler underneath to measure the circumference in inches/cm. 

Step 3: Match the circumference with the hat sizing guide 

Once you have found your circumference, please use the exact same measurement to when finding the hat size in the THC hat size guide. For example, if you found that your head measures 21 inches overall, then you would pick a hat size of small. You can use our convenient hat size chart below to see what your hat size will be. 

THC Hat Sizing Guide Chart

EU size (cm)
Inches (")UK SizeUS SizeMen's HatsWomen's Hats
5320 7/8"6 1/26 5/8SmallSmall
5421 1/4"6 5/86 3/4S/M
5521 5/8"6 3/46 7/8
5622"6 7/87Medium
5722 1/2"77 1/8MediumM/L
5822 7/8"7 1/87 1/4
5923 1/4"7 1/47 3/8LargeLarge
6023 5/8"7 3/87 1/2
6124"7 1/27 5/8Extra Large

6224 1/2"7 5/87 3/4

6324 7/8"7 3/47 7/8XXL

6425 1/4"7 7/88

6525 5/8"88 1/8