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Would you like a new opportunity to sell or hire your products and services to a highly targeted audience who are always looking for the perfect products and services for races, weddings, parties, and other glamorous social events? We understand how difficult it is to get your work seen. It is hard to find a good stockist and it’s never easy to maintain, update, and drive traffic to your own website.

The Hat Circle is not just another hat selling site. Choose the right membership, join the exclusive Circle today!

Are you a Special, Master, Crafter, or Hatter?

Why join The Hat Circle?

We bring the customers to you - we have brought together a large community of hat enthusiasts through hat exhibitions, fashion shows, online and offline pop-up shops and markets since 2014. By joining The Hat Circle, you will get the oppurtunity to put your products in front of these potential customers. On top of that, we have over 110k followers across our accounts and thousands more on our mailing lists, who can discover your talent and buy your products through us.  

Perks of joining as a THC member - 

  • Your products will be seen by thousands of hat enthusiasts - this is through our Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram (highest reach 8328 views, most liked post with 1025 likes), Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest (monthly 13k+ impressions), Google Shopping, and our newsletters.

  • An omni channel experience - we want to give your brand the maximum exposure, this includes featuring your designs on our social media channels to thousands of followers to admire, we also offer opportunities for you to showcase your talent to fashion loving customers at various popular hat and accessory events in London. 

  • We pay for ADs so you can save on marketing as it's included in the membership fees. 

  • We take care of SEO - this is the most effective tool to drive traffic and increase your product visibility.  

  • All the benefits of an advanced Shopify store without paying the monthly Shopify fees ($29/$79), it is included in our membership fees.

  • A smooth and enjoyable shopping experience tailored for hat lovers.

  • We take care of the marketing for you, so you can focus on creating beautiful products! 

  • We are different from the traditional stockists. Here’s how:  

Traditional stockists 
The Hat Circle 
Sales opportunity
It’s difficult to be accepted by a stockist. The process is complicated and doors are not always open to independent brands.
You can join and sell for free for 14 days* and we have a reasonable monthly fee after that.

Cost of labour
High initial investment on materials and time to create a product range.

You can create more styles as they sell based on the feedback from the customers.
All products need to be shipped to a warehouse, no flexibility to sell through other channels.

You ship directly to the customer from your home/studio when items are sold. You have full control of your stock.
Difficulty communicating through lots of back and forth emails.

We have a user friendly seller dashboard, where you can easily manage your listings.
Sale channel
Stock is to be sold only in one specific store for the entire period.

Your products will be sold through 6 channels -, Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, Pinterest, Etsy*.

Slow payouts, it can take up to a year which puts you in difficult financial situtation.

We automatically payout shortly after the customer receives the product.

None or very limited promotion provided to support your brand’s awareness and growth.

We feature your products on all our social media channels, so our 110K followers get to discover them.

Unsold stock
Unsold stock returned to you every season. You often even have to cover the return shipping cost.
You don’t have to face a huge return of unsold stock, because stock remains on our site as long as you want.

*If you are unhappy with the service, we will refund the monthly fee.

*Etsy - we know some of you already have an Etsy store, but if you prefer to manage all your sales channels in one place, opt for "Etsy Add-On" for a small fee). 

We are revolutionising the millinery industry, we aren’t transactional, we care about giving your brand the exposure it deserves . So, would you like to set up a shop with us and become noticed by tens of thousands of hat enthusiasts and join a community of like-minded hat lovers? Check out your options below and start selling today! (subject to approval)

Join The Hat Circle Now!

Special Circle

Are you a brand or retailer with a large volume of millinery products or related services, and require a shop which allows you to list an UNLIMITED number of items? Our “Special” plan is a real TREAT, with more than 2x benefits than the ‘Crafter Circle’, the lowest sales commission, and first priority on perks across our services. You will also be able to enjoy exclusive discounts to showcase your products at exciting London fashion and accessory events. If this sounds like what you need then join us and begin selling right away!

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Master Circle

Are you in the millinery and events industry, and have a lot of products and services to offer? You might have an array of skills and time to create beautiful products but not enough time to promote your brand, drive traffic to your website, or target the right kind of customer. As the second to lowest commission rate option of just 20%, you will enjoy maximum brand exposure on our social media channels, 1st priority bookings and discounts for exclusive events like London Accessory Week, London Hat Week exhibition, and our London Pop Up shops - just to name a few of the highlights of joining as a master circle. "Master" is all a milliner can dream of.

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Crafter Circle

Are you a professional milliner who only produce a small collection each season, or a brand who is just starting out? You love to be creative but do not have the expertise, time, or enthusiasm for marketing? Perhaps you need a kick start to get your business going. With our most affordable membership plan - only £7.99/ month - you will be able to test out selling your products and enjoy special discounts. We have been working hard to grow our community so that your brand gets the exposure it deserves - to the right people. Let us strive on your behalf and do all the hard work while you continue to craft those beautiful products for your customers. 

Join now!

Hatter Circle

Not ready to fully commit? This is our freebie option for all the milliners and brands out there who want to test the waters! There are no subscription fees, just a small joining fee . Whether you are a starter or a seasoned professional, our ‘Hatter’ membership lets you explore and test out our platform before picking an ideal membership plan. If you are seeking new ways to grow your business and make your products available to a wider customer base then say no more because you’re exactly who this plan is designed for. Jump aboard, share your story, list some products, and get first-hand experience of what it is like to be a member of The Hat Circle!

Join now!

Additional information

By joining The Hat Circle you agree to our terms & conditions for seller members.

Sell on The Hat Circle: No sale, no commission. If products are sold, commission to THC is 15-30% (depending on your choice of membership) of the sale price minus transaction fees. 

Sell on THC Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Shopping: All products listed on THC website will be available in Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook shops. However, Facebook restricts certain types of products using animal skin or feathers. We submit all items but in rare cases, they won't be approved by Facebook.

THC reserve the right to make changes to the policies at any time and all changes will be posted here. We will notify you of the changes by posting a notice on our Sell page or by email. You are responsible for reviewing the changes which we make. Your continued use of our Sell page constitutes your acceptance of the updated policy. Our Services might from time to time, contain links to external sites or resources which are operated by third parties. We have no control over the content and privacy practices of such sites or resources. You are advised to review the policies of these sites or resources. 

HaTalk e-Magazine Subscription: Upon joining THC, you will receive a code to enjoy 20% discount on a subscription to HaTalk e-Magazine. You will get access to all step-by-step millinery projects, hints and tips tutorials, and monthly issues of HATalk e-magazine, a digital publication for hat makers and enthusiasts loaded with great content. Also access the entire back issue library of over 160 issues of HATalk e-magazine. *THC are not responsible for the changes of service & policy of HaTalk.

Designer Interview Feature: Available for Special and Master members, once per year. We will produce 300-600 words of text about you and your brand. The article will include a minimum of 3 hyperlinks to drive traffic to your products for sale on THC. Keywords and contributor information at the end of the article. Remains published for one year. Your video may be embedded in body of article. Must contain reference to sponsored article (or similar wording). We will SEO the article to your keywords and publish on THC Home page (when first posted) as well as include in relevant category.

Feature in Our Newsletter: This will include an image and text excerpt in the style of our editorial articles.

London Hat Week Exhibition Entry: Members are entitled to special discounts on exhibitor fees and fast track application. The usual application process and deadlines apply, subject to curator's approval. Application for the London Hat Week Exhibition.

London Hat Week Exhibition Shop Space: Subject to availability.Minimum booking of 5 spaces.  Commissions apply, please refer to milliner information page for more details.

London Accessory Week Exhibition Entry: The usual application process and deadlines apply, subject to curator's approval. Subject to availability. Refer to London Accessory Week (LAW) "Participate" information page for more details.

London Accessory Week Market Space: Subject to availability.  Minimum booking of 10 spaces. Commissions apply, refer to LAW "Participate" information page for more details. 2nd priority booking is not a guarantee of admission and is subject to availability.

Fashion Show: The usual application process applies, subject to curator's approval. 2nd priority booking are not a guarantee of admission, subject to availability.

London Summer Pop-Up Shop Space:  Minimum booking of 10 spaces. Commissions apply, please refer to summer pop-up shop event information page. 2nd priority booking is not a guarantee of admission, subject to availability. 

Fashion Events Listing: Submitted events have the opportunity to be featured on THC. Selected (not all) events will be featured on THC social media accounts, subject to availability and approval. Subject to admin approval on suitability (wedding, craft fair, shopping, exhibition, talk, and other events).

Discount for Other X Terrace Events: Other selected events offered by THC and X Terrace. For example, exhibitions, shows, fairs, and other events.