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london, united kingdom

Antique Trilby Brim Hat Block

Antique Trilby Brim Block, A classic trilby style. The back sweeps up and the front sweeps down. Ideally paired with any of our trilby or open crowns.Work of art, antique condition, please study images carefully for the condition. Good for milliners who want to create unique hats or for a shop to decorate their store as prop.Mid century collectors can use them as sculptural objects in home deco. Outside circumstance 109cm. Inner circumstance 56cm
Colour: Brown
Dimensions (cm): 36x34x7.5
Material: Other Materials
Occasion: Everyday
Partner Services: Hat Block
Weight (g): 12800
  • We are a vintage and antique hat block and stand merchant. We source unique pieces from around the world. They are unique and most of them are no longer in production. We only have one of each in stock. 


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