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Black Vintage Silk Bibi with Veil

Black Vintage Silk Bibi with Veil is the perfect piece for many formal occasions.
Made with vintage Japanese Obi silk, it is a 3.5" wide headband, classically referred to a bibi in french.
The veiling is a larger hole honeycomb pattern, attached to the headpiece. The headpiece has a fine metal headband underneath.
Delicate black beaded embroidered fabric flowers finish the piece.
Available for postage to other countries, we are located in Melbourne CBD, Victoria, Australia. Always only one of any piece made by Wendy Scully Millinery. Variations available on order.
Colour: Black
Material: Silk
Occasion: Special Occasion
Season: All seasons
Size: One Size
Style: Half Hats
Target market: Women
Weight (g): 300

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