amsterdam, netherlands

edgy trilby pleats paper

This award winning design hat, was made for the nl hatassociation hat competition 2022 with the topic 'vintage with a twist'. It won third prize and was introduced as skillfully made, smart use of the material and well captured 'zeitgeist'.This trilby is a tribute to the development of the trilby at the end of the 1960ies, when the brim of the trilby became very short also than called a 'stingy' brim.This trilby is made from paper 'laize' and the pattern is white,red and black. Further more it's lined with 2 colors rayon and finished off with a petersham ribbon.
Colour: Multi Coloured
Material: Paper
Season: Spring/Summer
Size: 59cm / 23 1/4\" / UK 7 1/4 / US 7 3/8
Style: Trilby Hats
Target market: Unisex
Weight (g): 0.08
  • Be welcome to visit me at my studio on the artists breeding ground 'De Heining' on the outskirts of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    In my studio there is a little display area where you can try the latest designs as well as the prototypes of the different seasonal collections, which I only make when ordered.

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