Flex Check Jacket

Introducing a high quality short jacket.It is a very light and warm fabric with a special check fabric.You can create a warm and luxurious atmosphere with a check color sense.Stankara, which came up with a slightly half high neck, can be worn warmer.I gave it a more luxurious point by giving it an incision line, and I saved the detail with a big pocket.It feels like the fabric feels more cozy.In this winter season when short jackets are in vogue, you can try them on as a truly luxurious item.It looks pretty when paired with jeans, and you can look classy when paired with suit pants.It's a blouson jacket style that can be worn comfortably, so you can coordinate it warmly.Meet special and luxurious fabrics with quality products.
Colour: Camel
Material: Polyester
Occasion: Everyday
Season: Autumn/Winter
Size: One Size
Target market: Women
Weight (g): 1000

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