amsterdam, netherlands

hat pleats MA

A soft hat, made from deadstock post consumer denim, with a broad brim measuring 8.5cm. The hat is unlined so that the pleats can do their work. Because of the pleats you can choose if you want to wear the hat deep into the face, like on the picture, or wear it higher on the head by turning the hat for 1/3 giving it a slightly asymetrical feel. Do you prefer it lined, let me know and I will line it for you. This hat can be washed by hand in a basin with luke warm water.
Colour: Blue
Material: Denim
Season: All seasons
Size: 57cm / 22 1/2" / UK 7 / US 7 1/8
Style: Sun Hats
Target market: Unisex
Weight (g): 0.0107
  • Be welcome to visit me at my studio on the artists breeding ground 'De Heining' on the outskirts of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    In my studio there is a little display area where you can try the latest designs as well as the prototypes of the different seasonal collections, which I only make when ordered.

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