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london, united kingdom

Holiday essential: Ladies fashion straw hat with decorative beads

Ladies fashion straw hat with decorative beads, great shape, smart but casual. Can be fold away for travelling. Light weight, easy to carry, comfortable to wear. 100% natural.
Colour: Brown
Material: Straw
Occasion: Everyday
Season: Spring/Summer
Size: 53cm / 20 7/8
Style: Wide Brim Hats
Target market: Women
Weight (g): 12800
  • Catskills Resort Hats offers affordable hats for you to look stylish on holiday, or to wear daily in a holiday mood! We regularly fill our shop with pretty seasonal hats you need for your wardrobe. Are you planning to go on holiday? Or are you dreaming to go on a holiday soon? You are welcome to find your favourite hat from our shop. 

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