Sissy Remi Bridal & Couture Accessories

lagos, nigeria

Maiko Star by Sissy Remi

Sissy Remi Maiko Collection is inspired by the rich Japanese culture of performance, hospitality and sophistication infused with quality hand loomed fabric indigenous to the Yoruba tribe of western Nigeria. By finding and creatively exploring the uses of the fabric, we are able preserve the artistry, increase demand internationally and provide employment to local craftsmen/women. Main materials include laser cut and hand painted Aso Oke (indigenous handwoven fabric with silk, cotton and metallic threads) flowers
Colour: Gold
Material: Other Materials
Occasion: Special Occasion
Season: All seasons
Size: One Size
Style: Other Hats
Target market: Women
Weight (g): 12800
  • Sissy Remi is a heritage bridal & couture accessories brand specializing in handwoven timeless pieces that infuse both culture and elegance. 

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