Zsófia Marx Hats


A couture take on a pillbox hat. The graceful and delicate shape of this hat is sculpted entirely by hand, with great care to detail. It is surprisingly different and beautiful from all angles! This one-off piece is the first one in the poetic series Adore. Romina is dedicated to the fullness of life. It is meant to be a woman’s companion, to illuminate her wherever she goes, to enhance her desire to enjoy life and savor its delicacies to the full extent. Designed and handmade in Amsterdam. Size: Medium (56 - 58 cm) Please contact me if you need a smaller or bigger size.
Colour: Pink
Material: Felt
Occasion: Everyday
Season: All seasons
Size: Medium
Style: Pill Box Hats
Target market: Women
Weight (g): 85 g

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