What Hat to Wear for Your Daily Style

Every fashion masterpiece has an allure and charm that revolves around it. When such attire is showcased, it is certain that a hat is part of it. Hats do more than just cover up on a bad hair day even though they are pretty great for that, too!

Hats can add class and elegance to nearly any outfit. They can be an amazing way to showcase your personality and express yourself. With the right hat, you can bring glamour and sophistication to your look. In the winter, they are a much-needed accessory to keep your head warm.


 Products info:

Hat: Marvellous Millinery

Dress: Silvia Tcherassi

Earrings: VALÉRE / @valerejewellery

Necklace: Lizzie Fortunato

Bag: Oroton

Shoes: Jil Sander

We suggest you to have a hat preference in order beforehand as an elegant lady do not try to match the colour of your outfit with the colour of your hat as there is absolutely no need to do so. Matching hats never look as good as contrasting ones so instead just look for a hat that goes with your skin tone, occasion and face's shape. The Bronze Gold Leatherette Cocktail Hat by Marvellous Millinery is rare perching cocktail hat has a soft sheen to it and really catches the eye. This particular hat showcases class and perfection when wore with the right compliments.

 Smart Casual / Minimal Classic

Products info:

Hat: Eleda Hats

Turtleneck Tops: Maje Paris

Jacket: Nevenka

Trouser: Piece of White


Shoes: Isabel Marant

If you are feeling more relaxed and yet want to look look polished, we would suggest to choose a versatile hat such fedora and trilby hat.

Our top pick for this kind of daily style is the Velour Trilby Hat in Navy Blue from Eleda Hats collection. It brings out the beauty in the turtleneck top, jacket, trouser, bag and Isabel Marant boots.  

Feminine Edgy Style 

Products info:

Hat: Urbrims

Dress: Acler

Earrings: Lizzie Fortunato

Necklaces: Oscar de la Renta

Bag: Jimmy Choo

Shoes: Nicholas Nirkwood

Oftentimes, we want to try something different by combining two styles. If you hesitate to choose a right hat to complete mixed style like feminine and edgy, you could simply pick a hat with matched colour tone of most of your pieces. The Rossdale beaver fur felt hat by Urbrims adds flair, style and a soft comfort to any casual wear. 

Hats have dominated the fashion world and there is no doubt we will be seeing them more. Keep reading our posts to know more about hat styling guides and tips. If you are a true hat lover, you can sign up to our newsletter to directly receive all our inspiration article right in your mailbox. We will come back with lots of interesting ones soon until next time.


The Hat Circle Team