Wondering what to wear to London Hat Week Exhibition 2020?

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the millinery industry, we look to the future with hope. We believe that not long from now we will be dressing up for London Hat Week events, races, weddings, and more (be it virtually or in person)! So why not imagine you're already at that point and plan your first (in a long time) stylish yet elegant look in preparation?!

Wearing a hat that stands out has a lot to do with confidence and elegance. Decide if you'd like to choose one by colour or era and how easy it would be to find an outfit to match. But make sure it's a style that you'd be comfortable in because thats the trick with wearing a hat, no?! 

Perhaps you can try some of these hats which are known to be the most comfortable yet stylish as ever. 



Peggie Ehlers


Or these trendy Halo headbands - our absolute all time favourites!

Or how about a Cloche hat?! You could never go wrong with a Cloche, we promise!

Check out these Cloche hats which are so traditional yet trendy and ready to take on a time travelling journey "To the Future and Back". - Yes, that's the theme of this year's exhibition.

Dahlia by Bay Willow Design

London Hat Week Exhibition Shop


We will have a dual "Future" and "Retro" theme this year at London Hat Week 2020. The futuristic side will show us a vision of the future from different perspectives created by milliners from around the world. These can be inspired by space travel, a virtual or an imaginary world, sci-fi movies, or the current environmental situation. 

And the retro side will take you on a time travel journey to the past to show you the glorious eras between 1920's - 1960's when people wore beautiful and elegant hats as the highlights of their daily outfits.

Find us at: 2-3 Black Swan Yard, Bermondsey St, London SE1 3XW. We are open from 11 AM - 7 PM8th - 11th October 2020.


So are you ready to time travel with us? Make sure you wear a comfortable yet stylish headwear before you embark on the jorney.

P.S. Don't forget to book your tickets in advance: tinyurl.com/lhw20 


The Hat Circle Team