Celebrity inspired jewellery trends you can't miss

How many of you are fully obsessed with celebrities' red-carpet appearances? We are easily influenced by how they speak, style and dress, and most of us follow them on social media to imitate them, don’t we?

So, summer is on its way and it's the perfect time of the year to experiment with various styles of ornaments. You can do so much with jewellery; layer them on your wrists, waist, hands, ankles, and neck.

Jennifer Lopez’s Hoop Earrings

Jennifer Lopez is one of the celebrities who began wearing hoop earrings in her everyday life and events and she has been doing so for almost three decades. She is said to have one of the most valuable hoop earrings collections in the world.



Britney Spears’ Choker


After her debut, Britney has given the choker necklace a whole new meaning. If you look at her Instagram, you'll notice the one item that appears in all her posts is a choker.

She can wear it with everything, like dresses, swimsuits, or even when exercising.



Gigi Hadid’s Chain Necklace

Not sure if you have noticed, but Gigi Hadid has a chain necklace obsession.

Her jewellery style, both on and off duty, consists of multi-layered chain-link necklaces of various weights.  

She can wear them whenever she wants, and some of the jewellery items have her name engraved on them, demonstrating how versatile the range is.


Emily Ratajkowski’s body chain

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Another celebrity who’s an absolute jewellery lover is Emily Ratajkowski. She once said in her interviews that she typically considers jewellery before her wardrobe. She prefers the ones that are both simple and bold; layering seems to be the essential and often preferred gold over other metals.


Now you can choose two or three celebrities to help you develop your style. They are the first to wear each new collection on the red carpet, in films, and on every other occasion. How can you tell which style fits you and which does not if you don't try them yourself?!


Until next time,

Shivani from The Accessory Circle Team